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Hemochek Colour Scale Kit



Nearly   one  quarter of the world’s  population is  anemic. As anemia  persists in being a  major health  concern  throughout   the world , we have  attempted to develop a  State-of-the -Art technology HEMOCHEK colour Scale for Haemoglobin.

The device is very accurate and time tested by various Medical Agencies in Government , Pharmaceutical and NGO sectors. HEMOCHEK is the only True NABL & CAP accredited Laboratory traceable VALIDATED product in the world and our effort to continuously improve the product and design the package suiting all our customer segments has made HEMOCHEK the most prefered product of first choice .

“HEMOCHEK” is Available in Three Different Pack sizes.

  • Starter Pack – 200 Tests.
  • Starter Pack – 100 Tests.
  • Starter Pack –  50  Tests.
  • Refill Pack of Test Strips available in 50  and 200 dispenser pack.

The new validated &  CE Marked HEMOCHEK – colour Scale for Haemoglobin kit is now available with the 2014 batch validation.


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