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Allied Health Sciences Pvt.Ltd, under brand name of Rycom” is a leading provider of home health care equipments. Our passion is to improve patient quality of life, enhance caregiver safety and continue to deliver exceptional quality. We are inspired by your commitment to providing the best possible home medical equipment and home care alternatives for yourself, your family and your caregiver.

Allied” recognizes that physicians and clinicians treating patients at the point of care can benefit greatly from easy access to materials and resources via their handheld devices

Our broad range of innovative diagnostic products play a pivotal role in the groundbreaking area of integrated healthcare solutions and cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of disease

Having access to affordable and proven home health care supplies from “Allied” can make all the difference. Browse through our wide range of Blood Pressure Monitors, Non Contact Thermometers and many more innovative products…..

The “Rycom” Diagnostics product portfolio at a glance:

  • Blood Pressure Monitors/Non Mercury Sphygmomanometers for people with Hypertension.
  • Point-of-care testing devices for use in Homes and doctors’ offices
  • State-of-the-art innovative products for Doctors, Pharma Companies, Diagnostic Labs…
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